Details for the new functionalities of Enable 2017
Posted by Massi De Bonis on 04 July 2017 04:59 PM

Functionalities of Enable 2017

  1. Enable 2017 includes the engine 2017061, that supports PB 9-12.6 and 2017. It is available for both Enable and Reporting Studio.
  2. UI Revision:
    • there are split panels on source phrases and translations
    • Synchronized navigation between Context, Source Phrases and Translations windows: while selecting one or more contexts the above windows filter results
  3. Translation Explorer: allows to test how the engine works, and why you get specific results
    • Functionality to test the Translate: from a text, a selection of translation languages and a context
    • Functionality to test the Untranslate: from a text, language and context
  4. Translation Memory Management: to reuse translations among projects. TM is stored in an Excel file for easy management
    • Functionality to create and update a TM file, from a multilingual database
    • Translate a multilingual database by a TM file

Specifically, there is a new Engine compatible with PB2017, that can be used in both Enable and NRS.

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