Enable 6 GA and 5.5 GA
Posted by Gian Luca De Bonis on 18 June 2014 04:03 PM

Dear users,

We are about to enter the building cycle for Enable 6.0. Your question will be: "What happened to Enable 5.5 GA?" :)

Enable 5.5 RC (release candidate) was released in December 2013, and as we have announced in the related news, it is stable and supported, and we use it in production. We wanted to close it quickly, but we didn't because were waiting the PB15 release and the new version of the engine.

As time passed, because the tool was stable, we preferred to keep things as they were, and to generate a new version when:

a) the new version of the engine would be available (this is our core technology, and we keep the engine aligned among all products)

b) a PB15 version (even beta) would be available

Now Reporting Studio is about to be released, and the engine will be closed during this month. Then we can close the Enable 6.0 build.

New features:

  • Support for PB15 (it's still beta, but available... so we decided to support it)
  • New version of the Excel export format, that removes the row number limitation that we had in the past
  • Improvements on Designer, and new (small) improvements to make editing smoother for end users
  • Designer will not be shared with other tools (Customization Studio and Reporting Studio), to make updates smoother
  • New engine, supporting all the new features of Reporting Studio; this is a technology update, but basically allows Enable users to use reports created by Reporting Studio by using the same engine and the same ENA file

Timing: we expect Enable 6 to be available one month after the release of Reporting Studio (planned for end of June 2014). A beta version will be available for users with Premium support.

Thanks and kind regards,



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