Enable for PowerBuilder roadmap - year 2020
Posted by Massi De Bonis on 24 November 2019 03:36 PM

Dear users,

We needed to adapt our plan for 2020, due to a deep restructuring of the software development process. We have changed completely the build process (build procedure, obfuscation, automatic compilation), the Git repository (BitBucket), the issue tracking system (Jira), the supporting internal technical documentation, the Setup system. We have also started a restructuring of the tools and of the engine - that in the future will be more compact because of this simplification.

This is our updated plan:

  • Enable 2019, April 2020
    • Compiled and compatible with PB2019R2 just released
    • Commandline support for Continuous Integration and batch processing (Extractor)
    • Show translation import errors (when the Excel file contains something wrong, and the import can't be completed)
    • Support for previous engines and the new tools
    • Possibility to have Extractor on a different seat, in order to use it in a Continuous Integration setup
    • "Appeon" engine renamed as "PowerServer Web"
    • new Setup program
    • ... and the usual bug fix (see the complete list in the release notes)
  • Enable 2019R2, June 2020
    • Engine support for Ribbon and SLE.Placeholder
  • Enable 2020, September 2020
    • Tools improvements, and UI refresh with new PB2019R2 tools
    • Author/Extractor integration (Extractor can directly import strings into the ENA file)
    • Multi-user and floating user support
  • Enable 2020R2, after PB2020 release
  • Coming next
    • on-line multi-user support: several users can modify the multilingual database at the same time
    • Pure C# Engine (for both PB and C#)

We are ready to release the Engine 2020041 (supports PB2019R2). Enable 2019 is currently in test, with documentation to be adapted. We expect to release it during the month.

Thanks for following us!

--------- previous planĀ ---------

Roadmap for the year 2020

  • Enable 2019, January 2020
    • Fully compatible with PB2019
    • Commandline support for Continuous Integration and batch processing
  • Enable 2019R2, after PowerBuilder 2019R2 release
    • Fully compatible with PB2019R2
    • UI Improvements: ribbon, themes, layout redesign
    • Author/Extractor integration
  • Coming next
    • Multi-user and floating user support, thanks to Web API backend (local, network and later cloud)
    • Pure C# Engine (for both PB and C#)

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