Announcing Enable 6.0 with PB12.6 support
Posted by Gian Luca De Bonis on 26 September 2014 01:40 PM

Dear users,

SAP has just publicly released PB 12.6, and so we are preparing for Enable 6.0 release. You can already use Enable obfuscated engine with PB12.6 - just migrate it with the rest of the application to PB12.6.

This is our plan: 

  • The engine with PB12.6 support will be released soon. This will support PB12.6 (32-bit only), but not ENA compression (a new engine will be released later on)
  • Reporting Studio 2014 will be released next week, and
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PB 12.6 and Enable 6.0
Posted by Gian Luca De Bonis on 14 August 2014 02:53 PM

Dear users,

SAP has just released PB 12.6. We are therefore changing out plans in order to support this release.

We will release a new engine by the end of August. This engine will be common to all of our products (Enable, Customization Studio, Reporting Studio); the engine will have PB12.6 support (32-bit only, for now).

We are expecting Enable 6.0 release between September and October.

New features:

Enable 6 GA and 5.5 GA
Posted by Gian Luca De Bonis on 18 June 2014 04:03 PM

Dear users,

We are about to enter the building cycle for Enable 6.0. Your question will be: "What happened to Enable 5.5 GA?" :)

Enable 5.5 RC (release candidate) was released in December 2013, and as we have announced in the related news, it is stable and supported, and we use it in production. We wanted to close it quickly, but we didn't because were waiting the PB15 release and the new version of the engine.

As time passed, because the tool was stable, we preferred to
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Enable 5.5 RC 1 released (LAST)
Posted by Gian Luca De Bonis on 02 December 2013 11:18 AM

We have just uploaded Enable 5.5 Release Candidate 1 (see download section).

This version, though not the General Availability one, has a new engine (2013111), and more fixes. It has been tested and the engine is stable.

It is supported and can be used in production by all users that are current with USP.


Unless something pops up, we will close the GA build soon.



Enable Development LTD

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Enable 5.5 beta 3 available
Posted by Gian Luca De Bonis on 21 October 2013 04:32 PM

We have finally released Enable 5.5 beta 3 (see the download section). A lot of changes to the database engine technology kept us busy until now. Sorry for delay!

We will start the final cycle of testing, and a release is expected in a few weeks.


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Enable 5.5 beta 3
Posted by Gian Luca De Bonis on 01 October 2013 01:33 PM

We are packing Enable 5.5 beta 3, that is expected in 1-2 days. It contains fixes, an updated database structure (for integration with Report Maker), a new engine, a new Designer, a new Extractor (the full package has been updated).

We will publish an update as soon as it becomes available.


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