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Yes. Their translations can be loaded in runtime (as a customization) or made permanent (as a revision).
Yes, it is sufficient to have a table with the source phrases and translations for each language. It is also possible to reuse translations on different projects.
Basic steps: A) Preparation: create the multilingual database, copy the runtime engine libraries, initialize the engine from the application object B) Linking: change the ancestor object and work in coverage mode to check integration C) Extraction: fin...
Automatic translation is still a dream. While there are interesting web services (Google Translator, for example) that can provide a quick draft, the use of human translators is still required.
Enable supports all languages, including jargon and user-defined languages. Right-To-Left languages are also supported, and layout is automatically mirrored.
How to translate the Excel file by using Google Translation services? 1) Use the Import/Export function to export your phrases and translations as Excel 2) Upload the document to Google Docs 3) Go to the first cell to translate (F2) and write the fol...