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Usually we release a couple of versions every year. Just as an example, we released versions 2.5.0, 2.5.1 and 2.5.3 during 2008 (10 builds in total).
Please contact our sales department.
You can still use your licensed products, but you are not entitled to updates or support. You can catch up if your USP has lapsed - contact sales for pricing.
Yes, it is called USP and has an annual fee. It includes all updates; support is provided by an optional plan or by the knowledge base.
Enable is made of several modules: - Author: to maintain the multilingual database file and customize layout and properties - Extractor: to extract strings from source code - Rex: to assist developers in localization and in runtime exploring ...
Enable is a tool for making PB applications multilingual. Customization Studio is a tool for customizing layout and properties from runtime. PBProtect is a tool for protecting intellectual property of PB applications.