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Is Appeon/PowerServer Web supported?
Posted by Massi De Bonis, Last modified by Gian Luca De Bonis on 20 September 2018 02:45 PM
Appeon PowerServer Web is supported.

In order to deploy a project with Appeon PowerServer Web you need to:
1) select the appropriate Enable Engine for Appeon (EnableEngine006_Appeon.PBL); this is an obfuscated library source
2) add to your library list ONLY this engine, removing the other Enable libraries; add appeon_workarounds.pbl
3) add EnableEngine006.DLL to the deployment file list
4) add your multilingual database file (.ENA) to the deployment file list
5) when initializing the application, initialize the engine from the cache\plug-in folder: ls_ena = appeongetcachedir()+"\plugin\”+”enablesample.ena”

For Enable 2017 users: Note that the recommended engine is the Engine for PB12.5 Appeon. The Engine for PB2017 Appeon contains changes that are not recognized by the PowerServer Web Parser.

This is an example of initialization sequence:
string ls_lang
// Enable
n_enable = CREATE n_enable

integer li, li_mode
li_mode = ProfileInt("enablesample.ini", "Preferences", "Mode", n_enable.ci_mode_runtime)
ls_lang = ProfileString("enablesample.ini", "Preferences", "Language", "EN”)

string ls_name
ls_name = "enablesample"
if appeongetclienttype()<>"PB" then
  ls_name = appeongetcachedir()+"\plugin\"+ls_name
end if
li = n_enable.init( ls_name+".ena", li_mode, ls_name+".ent")
if li<>0 then
  Messagebox("Error", "Enable Initialization Failed with code "+string(li))
end if
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